About Us

Being a Kung Poo Fighter is all about embracing a playful approach to eliminating the stinky turd that just dropped out of your juicy behind. Submerging into the depths of your porcelain throne, Kung Poo stops that stank from stanking. No more stanky poos; just stanky legs. Stanky legs that probably fell asleep because the bathroom dojo is the only place for peace, quiet, and Kung Poo Fightin'!

  • Prepare for Combat: Before unleashing your inner warrior, shake the bottle and awaken the magic within.
  • ​Aim and Spray: Spritz 3-5 sprays into the toilet bowl dojo. This will create a scented barrier for the legendary showdown.
  • Release Your Kung Poo: Unleash the power within, no need to worry about casualties.
  • Enjoy the Smell of Victory: Leave behind the sweet smell of a pleasant aroma, then vanish without a trace like a true master of stealth.