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Being a Kung Poo Fighter is all about embracing a playful approach to eliminating the stinky turd that just dropped out of your juicy behind. Submerging into the depths of your porcelain throne, Kung Poo stops that stank from stanking. No more stanky poos; just stanky legs. Stanky legs that probably fell asleep because the bathroom dojo is the only place for peace, quiet, and Kung Poo Fightin'!

What Our Kung Poo Fighters Have To Say

  • Samantha A.

    I got this for my boyfriend who goes a couple times a day. He will sit in there until his legs are numb. By the time I need to use the restroom or get ready, I have to hold my breath and cover my nose with a shirt. Thank goodness we found Kung Poo!
  • Chris S.

    From the hilarious name to the funny directions (Spray before releasing your inner warrior lol) this product is fantastic. Not only did I think it worked, but I had my wife step into the room for a "follow up" opinion haha. Success!
  • Chela R.

    The fragrance is very light but smells wonderful. I have used the popular brand of this type of product and that is generally a bit too strong of a scent for me. The premise is the same - a few squirts in the bowl to create a film or barrier that holds the stink in.
  • Jay B.

    The wife is loving this product more than me. She makes sure I use it every time now. Just a few sprays into the bowl before you do your "doodie" and enjoy the great smell of Cinnamon cedarwood instead of dookie. It overpowers the nastiest of what was cooking up inside you.

Experiment With Different Fragrances And Sizes! The More You Buy, The More You Save!

Kung Poo Content Ideas?

We are passionate about having fun, and making content that bring a smile to your face; and making a poop spray to keep smiles on the faces of the ones you love. If you have any funny ideas for the brand, let us know! You could win free product! Also, feel free to show us how YOU Kung Poo!

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